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Fermented Black (Black)

Description and benefits:

Black is our flag-ship craft coffee—the pinnacle of coffee creativity. A partially-fermented fusion of Arabica beans, roasted barley and sweet oat milk is cold-fermented and barrels matured for three months. Dark, rich, creamy and beautifully balanced TENEBRIS Black boasts a toasty bouquet with tropical fruit aromas, cocoa and stout-beer undertones.



Oat Latte

Description and benefits:

Oat Latte is our take on the traditional favourite. 100% plant-based, a blend of rich espresso, creamy oat milk and infused with Nitro for a smooth, healthy iced coffee experience. Oh, and this latte contains no added sugar!


Dirty Chai

Description and benefits:

TENEBRIS Dirty Chai is our iced espresso coffee infused with traditional chai tea and oat milk. Their union beget a beautiful love child that swanks rich roast flavours and spicey undertones. Slightly sweet but not sugary.


Oat Mocha

Description and benefits:

Our Oat Mocha is a blend of cocoa, espresso and oat milk. 100% plant-based, dark in flavour and SUPERCHARGED with caffeine, this iced coffee will help maintain tempo.


Iced Americano

Description and benefits:

The classic espresso in water blend is a mainstay of the aficionado’s drink. TENEBRIS Iced Americano is the purest representation of our roasting craft and is beautifully expressive.

They contain zero added sugar and are plant-based, naturally.

TENEBRIS Iced Coffee

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Coffee Fix
Get 1 extra can w/ 8-pack & 2 w/ 16-pack purchase!
C$45.00every month until canceled
  • With our iced coffee subscription, we will replenish your beverage fridge with minimal effort on your part. Simply sign up online, and let us know what style of coffee you want to receive.

    We will deliver, free of charge, to your door *(conditions apply).

    • Free door-to-door delivery is only available to residents of central Okanagan region. I.e.
    • West Kelowna, Kelowna and Lake Country, BC.
    • Subscriptions include one reusable COLD BOX and Ice Pack. These are essential for keeping the product fresh and safe. Before delivery, subscribers will be notified of the delivery intent. The subscriber will be prompted to leave their reusable COLD BOX and ice-pack outside their home for delivery.
    • TENEBRIS Coffee will supply one (1) reusable COLD BOX and ice pack free of charge. If either of these has to be replaced within eight (8) months, a fee of $10 will be charged
    • to the subscriber’s credit card. This charge will only occur at the expressed consent of the customer.
    • To ensure timely delivery, TENEBRIS staff will make every effort to communicate with
    • subscribers. Therefore, free local delivery is subject to the customer’s timely response to our communication efforts.
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