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Espresso Bar and Cold Cafe

Mobile espresso bar offers Hot and

Cold beverage fusions


Welcome to TENEBRIS Coffee’s Espresso Bar and Cold Café! Our mission is to offer a unique coffee experience that provides the conventional while flirting with creativity. Ours is a space of beverage creation and we invite all to experience our alchemy. Our café menu is designed for third-wave coffee lovers and those seeking originality in taste. Featuring espresso drinks, teas, coffee mocktails, cold brews on taps and a rotating selection of seasonal drinks.

Its not just about the coffee

We believe in providing a complete beverage experience. That's why we invite you to sample our coffee creations, and indulge in other local food and beverage craft sold from our kiosk. Our Espresso Bar & Cold Cafe is conveniently located in two of Kelowna's busiest parks, the downtown waterfront and the mission recreational park. Whether you're a tourist or a city local, our space is the perfect place to fuel up and enjoy a premium coffee experience while on-the-go.


Barista Making Coffee To Go
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