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About us


Our two greatest passions in life are coffee and percussion.
Like music, coffee moves us.

TENEBRIS coffees are plant-based, cultured non-alcoholic beverages with an offbeat.
Our goal is to challenge conventional coffee styles and craft improved drinks

that are kind to the environment, complex in taste & unique to the coffee realm.

How it began

After 15 years in the Canadian wine industry, Danny Hattingh started TENEBRIS Coffee in 2021. He had the vision to build a coffee brand that applied creativity and innovation to develop coffee for the modern consumer. In TENEBRIS’ first year, Danny created one Craft Coffee TENEBRIS Black and sold them at the local farmers market. He quickly noticed that the city had an appetite for non-conventional beverages and the following year the brand added two more ready-to-drink coffees to its portfolio. Today we offer a variety of traditional and out-of-the-ordinary coffee beverages that are akin to craft brewery styles.


Our Values


Our company merits imagination because, to us, Creativity is the stuff of Individuality. It’s in the abstract state that we are indeed absolutely free. This quality is foundational in the people we love and choose to align with.



Our company is accountable to all stakeholders and our planet to seek and adopt environmentally progressive practices to reduce the impact of human consumerism. We believe in enabling our customers so they may have the choice to reduce their carbon footprint.


Personal Development

We believe in our potential and the people we can become. Of all the material things one can accumulate, none has more value to the people of this organization than intrinsic growth.

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