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Tenebris White (oxymoron) is our take on coffee with cream.

We cold ferment our oat milk with probiotic cultures & cold rest it for several weeks.

We then blend our organic, fairtrade Peruvian coffee with the Oat Kvass & fortify the craft with Raw Coconut sugar.

Scroll down to see what ingredients we use to make Tenebris White


Grown in the Andes of South America, Peruvian coffee presents all the hallmarks of high altitude coffee cultivation. When the coffee fruit is farmed on the high mountains, they are in cooler climates, which boast extended ripening times. A longer fruit ripening season is essential for superior aroma development.

With its zippy acidity and fruity aromas, this variety of Peruvian coffee beans lend Tenebris White a refreshing taste & distinguished fruit-forward notes.



Kvass is a traditional fermented Baltic beverage. Historically, made by fermenting grain-bread in water. The colour of the loaf would determine the colour of the drink, and the free available starches would be assimilated by the yeast, sustaining the natural fermentation.

Today, we use our oat milk to recreate this old world craft. We innoculate our base-milk with probiotic cultures and leave them to transform the oat milk into Oat Kvass. 

After fermentation, we rest the Kvass for several weeks & then blend it with our flash brew to create Tenebris White.




Raw Coconut sugar is arguably the most aromatic sugar available.

This variety of sugar is produced from the sap of the coconut flower. During harvest season, farmers tap the flower-buds and capture the flowing nectar in bamboo baskets. The sap is then exposed to heat to evaporate excess water, effectively concentrating it into raw coconut syrup. The syrup is then crystalized and, voilà! Coconut sugar.

We use raw coconut sugar because it is a superior sweetener and its aromas are second to none.

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