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Darkness is Brewing
Giveaway contest

To celebrate the unique and bold personality of Tenebris Coffee Craftery, we are launching a giveaway contest called "Darkness is Brewing". The contest invites coffee and music lovers to share their own creative and unconventional takes on the theme of darkness.

To participate in the contest, entrants must submit a photo, video, or written piece that showcases their interpretation of darkness, whether that's through music, art, or any other creative medium. The submission should also include a brief explanation of how the work relates to the theme of darkness.

There will be three winners selected for the "Darkness is Brewing" giveaway contest. Each winner will receive a one-year subscription to Tenebris Coffee Craftery's unique and high-quality coffee blends. Furthermore, the top three submissions will also be featured on Tenebris Coffee Craftery's website and social media channels, giving all three winners exposure and recognition for their creative works.


To enter the contest, participants need to fill out the submission form. The contest will run between June 1 to August 31, 2023, giving participants plenty of time to come up with their creative interpretations of darkness.

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