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Roasted barley

Roasted barley is a cereal grain that is part of the grass family.

Maltsers roast dried barley in an oven (or roaster).

Brewmasters have long regarded roasted barley for its aromatic intensity and its darkening qualities. Particularly in Irish stouts and porters.
We have skillfully married coffee & roasted barley, and brought fourth their love-child: Tenebris Black


Oat milk

We love oats !!! 

They are fibrous, nutritious and we can milk them.

Like cat nipples! Or, maybe not entirely.

We rest our oat mash for an extended maceration period. This allows the seed fibres to unravel.

During the resting period, complex starches convert into simpler sugars & by this stage, our oat milk is deliciously sweet & creamy.


Arabica Coffee
Mineral Water

We use lightly roasted, coarse ground, organic coffee beans to make Tenebris Black.

Our mineral water recipe has been tried and tested by acclaimed baristas.


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Box 28025 RPO East

Kelowna, BC

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